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Welcome to the second part of our Youtube SAP Business Intelligence Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6 WebSeries!

In this WebSeries we will be covering all the new features that are released for the range of BI products offered by bimoso GmbH, starting with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6. These videos, which can be viewed in any sequence, are tailored to current customers and viewers who have experience with the covered products and who use them on a regular basis. If you are looking for more focused and deeper training on one of the covered BI tools, you can check out our training offerings that are tailored for any level of expertise or contact our team at for enquiries.

If you wish to check out part 1, click on the following link.

SAP BusinessObjects (or BOBJ for short) is the go-to enterprise analytics solution for all current and future SAP customers. It encompasses all areas of Analytics, including Reporting, Data Modeling, Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6Version 4.2 SP6 was released in 2018. The latest update (4.2 SP7), released in March 2019, will be covered at the end of our 4.2 SP6 videos.

In our second video, we will be covering new components added to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Designer.

What is Web Intelligence?

Web Intelligence is a tool tailored for end users and gives them the means to build their own reports quickly and with little experience needed. It is a versatile component which enables users to create highly interactive and user-friendly documents and to modify its look and feel to match their needs. Thanks to its intuitive design, it does not have a high learning curve in comparison to other tools in the market. The ability to create queries from multiple sources also permits users to combine data from different areas into one report.

The new features added in 4.2 SP6 provide more export features (Include Bookmarks option for PDF Export), more visual appeal (new chart types Funnel and Pyramid as well as new chart options), more data load customization (Refreshable option) and more analysis enhancements (Break Sum feature).

Stay tuned for our next video where we will be covering new additions to the Information Design Tool!

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Lilith Khurshudyan ist Master of Science in Management und spezialisiert auf Projektmanagement. Ihre Fokusthemen sind Datenschutz und Analytics.

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