The Atlas Platform Datasheet

The Atlas Platform Datasheet

Securely Mobilize Enterprise Data for Any User on Any Device

A problem that reigns over large-scale enterprises is the order-of-magnitude gap between consumer and enterprise app adoption. The need for a single, unified platform that ensures security and simplicity is upon us.
That’s where the Atlas Platform comes in: this platform is designed to mitigate security risks and make apps the focal point of security and trust.
Atlas is specifically designed to secure and authenticate mobile app connectivity. Our datasheet on thiss platform will teach you:

  • Exclusive features and benefits of the Atlas Platform
  • Ways that the Mobile App Protection (MAP) and Atlas ensures ease-of-deployment
  • Why Atlas allows enterprises to gain new insights and more visibility into mobile apps in their networks
  • What integrations the Atlas Platform has and what it provides

The mobile security suite that is the Atlas Platform provides robust end-to-end mobile security and is a no-brainer for large-scale enterprises that enables full mobile application deployment. To access this datasheet, fill out the form on this page!


Sascha Duwendag
Sascha Duwendag

Sascha Duwendag ist Eigentümer und Geschäftsführer der bimoso GmbH. Er hat das Unternehmen gegründet und entwickelt es kontinuierlich weiter. Seit 20 Jahren hat er Erfahrung mit IT Projekten generell, den Themen BI, Mobility und Security und im Projektmanagement.