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New Features in Lumira Designer 2.2

New Features in Lumira Designer 2.2

SAP Lumira Designer is the inheritor of the ubiquitous SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Actually, it encompasses the capabilities of Design Studio with the visual effects of SAP Lumira. SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer also brings in new features to make the solution match up to competing software and the rising demands for advanced analytics and visualization.

With the release of Lumira 2.2, further additions have been made on top of versions 2.0 and 2.1 to make developers and end users’ work faster and more efficient.

We will look at some of the biggest features added into SAP Lumira Designer 2.2


Authoring is a Technical Component. It gives more control to end users. In fact, it allows them to modify existing dashboards at runtime, thus promoting self-service BI. Users can drag and drop new components, modify the size and position of, and copy and paste existing components.

Lumira Designer Authoring
Lumira Designer Authoring


The Document component is another Technical Component. It allows users to refresh offline data sources to get the latest iteration of the data source. It also allows them to save Lumira applications at runtime. Combined with the Authoring Technical Component, end users can modify their dashboards at runtime, and save their changes at runtime as well.

Lumira Designer Document
Lumira Designer Document

Grouped List:

The Grouped List is a new Basic Component. It is designed to further enhance and customize the look and feel of dashboards. Developers can use the list to populate it with certain selectors and divide them into different headers (see below).

Lumira Designer Grouped List
Lumira Designer Grouped List

In conclusion, Enhancements are made to Composites, Custom Dynamic Calculations, Crosstabs and Charts.

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New Features Lumira Designer 2.2

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